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Brad and Vicki McDonald, opened their doors to the public on the 1st July 1998, starting off in one small shed on Kendal Drive in Horsham predominately selling steel to the public.

Since then, they have expanded into three sheds and have seven full time employees and two part time employees.

In 2000, they diversified from steel sales and went into manufacturing Machinery, Commercial, Hay, Rotary Dairies and Garages, along with manufacturing iron, Pulins and supplying steel to the general public.

McDonald Steel services the majority of the Western, Northern and Southern areas of Victoria, along with parts of South Australia and New South Wales.

What we do

McDonald Steel, the company started by Brad and Vicki McDonald in 1998 now has 9 full-time and part-time staff, and operates from three sheds at the original Kendall Road location.

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