Roll Forming

A touch of quality

From the beginning, Brad and Vicki McDonald realised that to give local Mallee farmers and businesses exactly what they wanted it required a significant investment in technology.

With the latest Dual Level Roll Forming equipment, McDonald Steel today produce quality corrugated or t-deck iron, which can be cut to length.

What is Roll Forming

Roll forming is a type of rolling that involves the continuous bending of a long strip of sheet metal, such as coiled iron or steel, into a desired cross-section.

The strip passes through sets of roller dies until the desired cross-section is obtained. This is called a profile and can be used for walls, cladding and roofing.

Roll Forming Iron

With the latest Dual Level Roll Forming equipment, McDonald Steel can produce quality corrugated or t-deck iron, with the following properties:

  • Zinc or Colour
  • Corrugated or T-Dek Profiles
  • All material .42 bmt roofing grade (.47 TCT)
  • Cut to length

Roll Forming Purlins

McDonald Steel produces a full range of “C” Section purlins that are also cut to length.

  • C100:15 – 4 inch
  • C150:15 / C150:19 – 6 inch
  • C200:15 / C200:19 – 8 inch
  • Punching options available
  • Galvanised material in 1.5mm or 1.9mm thick – Bluescope Galvaspan G55

City Prices in the Country

This Roll Forming process provides clients with many more design and construction options. As well as providing a competitive advantage that can be passed on to clients in terms of cost.

Think of it as a case of ‘city prices for country farmers and businesses’.


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