Not created equal

Not all sheds are the same. All have a different purpose and should come with a number of options.

Your shed should be designed and built according to the needs of your farm. Not only will this ensure greater value to your operation, but could also be much more cost effective.

Industrial, Commercial, Hay & Machinery Sheds

Instead of a one size fits all approach, McDonald Steel work with customers to come up with a unique solution, taking into account the purpose of the shed, right down to the cost per square metre.

The result is an end product built-for- purpose and one that stacks up cost-wise.

Standard Features

Every McDonald’s Shed comes with the following features:

  • All Universal Beam Construction
  • Gable Widths 12200mm / 15250mm / 18300mm / 21340mm / 24400mm / 27500mm / 30500mm / 32000mm
  • Bays Centres 6100mm / 7500mm / 8000mm / 8500mm / 9000mm
  • Column Heights 4500mm / 5000mm / 6000mm / 6750mm / 7500mm / 8000mm / 8250mm
  • .42 bmt roofing grade (.47 TCT) for both roof and walls
  • Shot Blaster
  • Painting System

It's good to have options

Every McDonald’s Steel Shed can come with the following optional features

  • Skylights
  • Personal Access door – standard 920mm with lever knob configuration up to a width of 1120mm
  • Roller Shutters for specific dimension doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Hot Dipped Galvanising
  • Zinc or Colour
  • Carry Beam Truss

Why have an off the shelf shed when you can have a one of a kind McDonald Steel Shed


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